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Employment Timeline

To give you a better understanding of my experience and capabilities my employment timeline is documented below.

Summary of Core Skills 

  • LLM Master(s) in Construction Law – Merit
  • RICS Accredited Quantity Surveying Degree – 2:1
  • HND Building Studies – Merit level Qualification
  • Advanced Vocational Certificate Of Education in the Construction and Built Environment – ( B/C ) Achieved
  • CSCS Qualified
  • RICS registered
  • Understanding the Construction Industry and the Built Environment
  • A high standard of Management and Communication skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure constraints
  • A good capability to work by myself and part of a team
  • The ability to adapt to any changes.
  • Freelance Quantity Surveyor – I & H Brown Ltd

    Based on site in Boston Lincolnshire, I’m the Project Quantity Surveyor for a large Subcontractor working for Siemens and Triton Knoll undertaking some temporary access tracks and drainage in order to bring power offshore onshore to a large Substation. The Contract is a Siemens bespoke Contract.

     My role onsite is to undertake the following;

    • Monthly Subcontract Management, Accounts and Payments
    • Subcontractor Enquiries
    • Procurement of Subcontracts
    • Competitive Tender Analysis
    • Price Negotiation
    • Onsite Measurements
    • Raising and Placing Orders with Contractors
    • Monthly Applications/Valuations
    • Issuing and managing Early Warnings and Claims, inc Quoting and Agreeing
    • CVR Completion, and Review
    • Cost to Complete Forecasting
  • Freelance Quantity Surveyor – Citu Developments

    Based onsite in Sheffield, Citu Developments have a site compromising in Refurbishment, and New Build Houses including some Commercial Fit out premises and Apartments in the Little Kelham Area of Sheffield.

    My role within the business was the Project Quantity Surveyor on the development site in Sheffield.

    My role at Citu required me to undertake the following;

    • Monthly Subcontract Management, Accounts and Payments
    • Computer Aided Take Offs (Utilising Blue Beam)
    • Analysis of Drawings and Site requirements to generate Subcontract Works Packages
    • Writing Scopes of Works
    • Subcontractor Enquiries
    • Competitive Tender Price Analysis
    • Price Negotiation
    • Onsite Measurements
    • Value Engineering
    • Risk and Opportunity Management
    • Monthly Valuations
    • Negotiations
    • Raising and Placing Orders with Contractors
    • Charing Pre-Let Meetings
    • Charing Procurement Meetings
    • Leading the Commercial review in weekly Project Meetings
    • Progress tracking against Orders and Contracts
    • Cost Plan/ Budget Review and Monitoring
    • Budget Generation for Future Phases
  • Freelance Quantity Surveyor – Kier Highways

    Based in Manchester, my role was to review and quote Damage to Crown Property Claims in the Highways Sector work in areas;

    Area 3
    Area 6
    Area 8
    Area 9

  • Freelance Project Quantity Surveyor – Aggregate Industries UK Ltd

    Job as below, switched to Freelance from permanent.

  • Project Quantity Surveyor – Aggregate Industries UK Ltd

    Based in the North of England; Aggregate Industries Contracting North are a specialist Surfacing business working as part of a larger quarrying business delivering a supply and lay service of Asphalt and Concrete materials.

    My role within the business is predominately being the Project Quantity Surveyor on the A1 Leeming to Barton Project, a Circa £40 Million pound NEC2 Option B Subcontract, aswell as other projects on the M1 under the NEC3 Suite for the Smart motorway Schemes; where I have had on a monthly basis a Assistant Quantity Surveyor to supervise and tutor.

    My Role at Aggregate Industries UK Ltd required me to undertake the following;

    • Weekly C + V Reporting and Reconciliation
    • Monthly C + V Reporting and Reconciliation
    • Weekly and Monthly Commercial Forecasting
    • Spend Profiling
    • Cost Forecast and Monitoring
    • Aged Debt and WIP Analysis and Reduction
    • Risk and Opportunity Analysis
    • Risk Management
    • Risk Register Monitoring and Updates
    • Programme and Risk Analysis ( Time )
    • Onsite measures and Take offs
    • Compiling Monthly Valuations and Submission
    • Annual 2015 and 2016 Final Accounts
    • Contract Practice
    • Business Development
    • Value Engineering
    • Subcontractor Procurement
    • Following NEC Suite procedures ( i.e Early Warning Procedures )
    • Risk Reduction Meeting ( Chair Person )
    • Compensation Events; Pricing and Submission
    • Early Warning and Compensation Event Monitoring ( Period for Reply Schedule )
  • Quantity Surveyor – EuroMark GB UK Ltd

    Based in various locations throughout England and Scotland; EuroMark GB Ltd are a specialist business part of the Eurovia and Ringway group delivering Road Markings as part of the internal business strategy with multiple external clients throughout the UK.

    My role at EuroMark GB Ltd is an Quantity Surveyor on the North and Scotland NEC Term Maintenance Contracts working alongside and assisting the Commercial Manager.

    My Role at EuroMark GB Ltd requires me to undertake the following;

    • Weekly C + V Reporting and Reconciliation
    • Monthly C + V Reporting and Reconciliation
    • Weekly and Monthly Commercial Forecasting
    • Aged Debt and WIP Analysis and Reduction
    • Risk and Opportunity Analysis
    • Risk Management
    • Valuations
    • Invoicing
    • Final Accounts
    • Contract Practice
    • Business Development
    • Value Engineering
    • Subcontractor Procurement
    • Estimating and Tenders
    • Compensation Events; Submission and Follow up
  • Quantity Surveyor – Life Environmental Services Ltd

    Based in various locations around the UK, Life Environmental Services Ltd work with the majority of the national retail outfits; undertaking Asbestos related analytical works and Management and Asbestos Surveys.

    My role at Life Environmental Services Ltd was to trial a Quantity Surveying role within the business, undertaking the following roles as part of the team;

    • Live project Cost tracking
    • Invoices/Applications
    • Tender Support
    • Financial Support to Clients
    • Programme change monitoring
    • Pricing Work/Schemes
    • Agreeing and Costing Variations
    • Dispute resolution
    • Subcontract Procurement
    • Cost feasibility
    • Profit Forecasting
    • Implementation of Financial processes
  • Commercial Admin/Surveying Assistant – Lovell Partnerships ( Temporary Role for financial security )

    Based in Sheffield, Lovell Partnerships Ltd are a company working with local councils and transport executives maintaining services of the transport links and maintaining the Heating and Electricity appliances as part of the council’s social housing improvement phases across Sheffield and various other key areas within Yorkshire.

    My role at Lovell entails a variety of activities and responsibilities, reporting to the Managing Surveyor and Contracts team;

    • Overseeing handover packs of each property, ensuring all contents are included, thus cross referencing with the valuation ensuring all parts have been claimed before handing back.
    • Tracking engineers bonuses on a weekly basis, closely monitoring performances to ensure we hit our agreed target; thus resulting in monies being released.
    • Handling and producing Subcontract Orders, consulting them by means of pre-contract meetings to ensure they fit our requirements.
    • Pricing of variations, and agreement.
    • Monthly Valuation.
  • Freelance Quantity Surveyor – Oakstone Homes Ltd

    Based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire; Oakstone Homes Ltd are a company that specialise in Small New Build properties projects, on both green and brownfield sites along with refurbishments.

    My role was working on a freelance basis aiding Oakstone Homes Ltd to merely take off quantities from drawings, alongside having negotiations with suppliers in order to get the best possible outcome as far as cost is concerned. This has enabled costs to be developed for the new works that will commence later in the year of a project of 14 new build stone houses amongst others.

  • Assistant/Quantity Surveyor – Lane Rental Services Ltd

    Situated on the outskirts of York in Pocklington, Lane Rental Services Ltd are a UK leader in the sector of Surfacing and Road Planing providing a cost effective service for a variety of clients from New Build Projects to road and Highway repairs.

    During my time here I worked advancing my experience and gaining further knowledge in the Civil Engineering and Surfacing Industry; overseeing all Surfacing works varying from £10,000.00 up to £200,000.00, whereby I built up quotations to tender for work right through to completion and dealing with valuations and Final Accounts. I then obtained contract feedback from two contracts managers, which enabled myself to ensure that we are working at a low enough cost which when offset against the value of works left reasonable profit margins for the foreseeable future that I could report back to the director.

    My role at Lane Rentals entailed a variety of activities and responsibilities, in order to provide monthly reports to the Director and various members of the team;

    • Debtors Collection, retrieving retention monies and any O/S from previous years that as not being able to be retrieved for various reasons
    • Pricing Tenders for new Surfacing and Planing works
    • Recording and analyzing monthly costs, allowing the development of reports
    • Provide the director monthly reports, offsetting cost figures against value outlining valid reasons for any losses thus giving possibilities of how to resolve such losses in future works
    • Profit analyzing
    • Cost forecasting
    • Interim Valuations; keeping the cash flow of the project up to speed
    • Preparation and submission of Final Accounts
    • Material take offs
    • Dealing with Compensation Events for any changes that may have arose
    • Pre – Contract meeting attendance
    • Progress meeting attendance
  • Trainee Quantity Surveyor – Henry Boot Construction ( UK ) Ltd

    Based in Dronfield, Derbyshire, Henry Boot Construction (UK) Ltd is a successful construction company that provides a nationwide service to a variety of client’s right from inception right through the process to handing the works over to the client.

    Whilst employed here I was put forward for 12 months onto a partnership with RMBC ( Rotherham Council ) to deal with a series of small works that made improvements to 15 schools in the area allowing the younger generation to learn in more suitable environments whilst in their school days. This scheme had to be completed within strict time constraint where our team moved from school to school. The vital part for me was ensuring the budget was met as this was a priority, being that the funds are provided by the schools themselves and part council funding. After this I was sent elsewhere to assist the Commercial Team further on a variety of Civil Engineering Projects; dealing with a wide range of aspects of Social Housing, Retail and Civil Engineering, from a series of drainage run and run off improvements projects, through to schemes of major reinforcement and concrete bases at a leading scrap and steel company in Yorkshire.

    Whilst working for Henry Boot Construction (UK) Ltd i undertook the following, which each in there own brought many responsibilities;

    • Producing letter of intents for Sub-Contractors
    • Sub-Contract Orders
    • Pre-Contract Sub-contract meetings and site visits.
    • Interim Valuations; keeping the cash flow of the project up to speed
    • Submit and complete monthly Cost and Value Statements to the Commercial Team
    • Site measurements in order to keep close track of Subcontractor valuations
    • Subcontract Comparisons; Keeping cost down but attaining quality
    • Dealing with Compensation events for any changes that may have arose
    • Keeping a drawing change schedule backing up the events
    • Assisting with Cost forecasts
    • Preparing and submitting Final Accounts
    • General administrative roles during the start and completion of projects
    • Advanced experience using; Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook Express

Selection of work experience;

  • Trainee/Assistant Quantity Surveyor for a £1.5 Million pound Civil Engineering and repair scheme for the multinational Steel company Corus at their plant in Rotherham. Due to the nature of the works, both ourselves and the clients representatives were based onsite meaning close monitoring at all times putting great pressure on our team whilst working. The nature of the works itself covered a vast area, where some works had not been picked up at Tender stage meaning the costs were constantly increasing, whereby I had to update a drawing change schedule on a weekly basis to keep on top of this. In addition I kept track of all subcontracts, and there payments. With all the changes we still managed to complete the works by exceeding the planned programme by just two weeks.
  • Assistant Quantity Surveyor for a £1.8 million Primary school new build extension in the Anston Brook area of Sheffield/Rotherham. Its main purpose was to enable more local children to attend school in the local area. This was a difficult one to some extent as it was designed to have some architecturally different features, which were unforeseen at Tender stage increasing the costs for the client as it wasn’t specified in the contract specification originally. The contract was completed on time, but slightly over the planned budget which the difference was compensated by the client.
  • Assistant Quantity Surveyor on the Sheffield/Rotherham Decent home schemes. These works were ongoing throughout my working life at Henry Boot Construction (UK) Ltd so I was placed on and taken off these schemes regularly. In terms of the Quantity Surveying role, all funding was from the Council and Government. The dwellings were assessed before hand by the Council so they knew the costs; we simply charged a fee for handling the works. The difficulty of the works were the restraints on time, ensuring the tenants were out whilst the works were undertaken and in many cases ensured they would not have a knock on effect to the programme. In most cases the homes were in run down areas, so I had to adapt my self to deal sometimes with demanding tenants.
  • Assistant Quantity Surveyor for a £1.7 Million pound school extension in Rotherham. An existing school had to be extended and modernised in order for classes’ numbers to be increased. On this specific contract I was appointed as the Site surveyor, with minimum assistance if needed. So in terms of the budget it was down to me; I had to carefully analyse Subcontract packages to achieve the best deal without affecting quality. I had to host monthly CVR meetings with the Commercial team of Henry Boot and outline any points where cost was high or low. Specifically we had a Green Roof Contractor onsite early, so in this particular month it was showing a loss has the funds hadn’t been released by the council, I had outlined this in the report so there were no issues, the contract finished on time an under budget.
  • Assistant Quantity Surveyor for a £2 Million Pound Retail Project for a private client. An existing BrownField Site had been purchased by a Private Client whom wants to create a Retail Development to Let to Uk businesses for trade. On this contract I was appointed as the acting Quantity Surveyor reporting to the senior commercial team. This contract was very short, working to a small and precise budget. The client was specific on completion as soon as possible; leaving everything to be done on such a short scale. This created personal challenges for me getting all Sub-Contract procurement set up; and put in place to ensure budgets were met. Throughout the contract, as the finances being used were the Clients own I had to attend fortnightly meetings with them to keep Client Care to a maximum giving confidence in the finances behind what was being constructed. On completion these works came under budget due to the success of and efficiency of the work completed operationally and commercially leaving a very satisfied client.

January 2004 – December 2007 – Various positions

After completing my early studies at school, I went onto College to start my studying for the Construction Industry. To aid my studies I had a variety of roles with different companies;

  • My father at the time was building one off developments. I stepped in just helping out where I could to give me a kick-start within the Construction industry and how a house was put together from the start with the different Construction methods.
  • After my fathers works came to an end, I moved onto to work part time in Morrison’s Supermarket, where I was able to work as part of a team, giving me a basis of team working as well as interacting with customers and offering a good service and customer satisfaction.
  • My study timetable soon changed where I then made the move to work as part of a Customer Service team, working for O2 at a call centre. Making the move here gave me a basis on how to work more professionally working as part of a business environment as a team, dealing with the customer complaints and enquiries on a day to day basis giving the best possible client service.
  • On completing my HND in Building Studies I soon had the taste of what direction in the industry I wanted to go down. I secured a temporary part time job with MSSR Forecourt Developments in Rotherham, where I got my first ever insight of a Construction office environment, and what was the correct way to interact and work with other Construction professionals.

Hobbies and Interests:

I have developed in recent years a great interest in photography and arts, and am currently developing my own styles of photography by interacting different forms to create photographic art.

I am also keen on keeping fit; I attend the gym weekly in order to keep in good shape and see friends. I also play 5 a side football along with squash occasionally.

Other interests include watching motorsport, playing snooker and socialising with my friends and family.


Available on request

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