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As a Surveying company we strive to educate the general public and make them aware of the services on offer and the benefits that can be sought by using a Quantity Surveyor to each individual Project you may have.

As well as Quantity Surveying, it has a overlap with Estimating so both services can be offered. Both of the roles are in the sector of the built environment.

In simplistic terms;

  • A Estimator has the ability of providing an accurate build cost for the given project.
  • The Quantity Surveyor will then take the costs, with quantities and manage the Project/Building Work Costs, ensuring the estimators budget is adhered to and met, maintaining accurate cost spend.


Its then applying each of these to ALL General Building Works, no matter what the size, the cost or the complexity, and the cost of a Surveying Service is minimal when contrasted with the savings that can be made.


We can offer the following services;

  • Site measures, Take offs
  • Bill of Quantity / Schedule of Work Production, outline the required building works which detail the full extent, along with an estimated cost/budget which can be undertaken following a take-off exercise from Plans or a site measure.
  • Procurement of Builder/Trades
  • Manage the Competitive Tender Process
  • Builder/Trade Selection by Analysing the prices and give a best opinion based on time, quality and price ensuring all requirements are covered.
  • Payment and Valuation of works.
  • Budgets and Cost Plans
  • Planning Estimates
  • Cost Management Advice. Management and or giving advice on costs during the job, looking at additional works or excluding works that are no longer required
  • Self-Build Projects. Schedule of Costs are required to submit to Finance lenders and brokers.

The services above apply to a range, from Extensions, Loft Conversions, New Builds and Self Builds to any external works.

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