Luke Wicks LLM BSc

Thank you very much for visiting the website. Wicks Quantity Surveying Services offers professional and reactive services to Tier 1 Contractors and Subcontractors, along with Developers, Employers, House Builders and Investors throughout the UK and Overseas.

Fundamentally the aim of Wicks Quantity Surveying Services is to provide Commercial Solutions, Benefits and Support as and when required, regardless of any challenges that may arise.

Wicks Quantity Surveying Services prides itself on competence, visibility and flexibility in all the services provided.

Main qualifications are;

  • Bsc Hons in Quantity Surveying (2:1)
  • LLM Construction Law (Merit)

The relevant sections of this website will outline exactly what can be undertaken and what services are on offer.

More about Luke

On a personal level, the Construction and Built Environment industry is a sector that has always been in my blood and a interest to me, having close family undertaking developments from my childhood, so the sight of a piece of plant, and stockpiles of materials is second nature to me, it’s in my blood.

Other than work life, I have passions such as photography, keeping fit, Clay Shooting, Motorsport and spending time with friends and family and loved ones.

Since January 2008 I have been working in the Commercial space of Construction Projects, starting out as a Trainee Quantity Surveyor through the ranks until I made the decision to work as a Freelance/Consultant Quantity Surveyor.

In the past Ten years I have been able to work in a diverse and wide range of different Main Contracting Organisations working alongside some interesting and very knowledgeable professionals working on varying projects in both size and complexity. It so far has been an excellent ten years of work which I have immensely enjoyed and learnt so many valuable lessons and experience.

The interesting nature of the work I have undertaken as a Quantity Surveyor identifies both the adaptability and flexibility of the diverse work in the Construction Industry I have been party to demonstrating the ability to utilise the skills that are transferable.

It’s with these interesting years, I decided in 2017 to start working on a Freelance/Consultant basis which has allowed me to take on Contracts for multiple clients and has opened me up to developing further skills and facing me with more challenges and technicalities to overcome and assist within my Professional career. In this time I have taken a great interest into the Contractual Aspects of Projects, with interest into Claims and Disputes that drove me to start and complete successfully my Masters In Construction Law.

I would take it as a great pleasure to speak with people from a range of backgrounds in the Built Environment and see exactly how I may be able to benefit your business.

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