Whilst they may be some overlap with Investing, and the services for Builder and developers we thought we would emphasie on the Investments Services and benefits, the reason being some investors have experience, whilst others have the finances but no experience or knowledge.

As an individual and Quantity Surveyor I appreciate the importance of wise investments, and with wise Investments requires having finances managed wisely and not being if you want to put it in laymen terms ‘ Ripped off ‘ or been taken advantage of due to the level of investment available.

Here is a summary of the services suited for an investor who may or may not have experience.

  • Site measures, Take offs
  • Bill of Quantity / Schedule of Work Production, to outline the required building works which detail the full extent, along with an estimated cost/budget which can be undertaken following a take-off exercise from Plans or a site measure.
  • Procurement of Builder/Trades and Manage the Competitive Tender Process
  • Builder/Trade Selection by Analysing the prices to give a best opinion based on time, quality and price ensuring all requirements are covered.
  • Payment and Valuation of works.
  • Budgets and Cost Plans
  • Planning Estimates. Prior to a planning application you are required to submit a estimate
  • Cost Management Advice. Management and or giving advice on costs during the job, looking at additional works or excluding works that are no longer required
  • Self-Build Projects. Schedule of Costs are required to submit to Finance lenders and brokers.

So what’s on offer?

Here is what can be offered:

  • Bill of Quantity Production

    Issue us with some scaleable PDF drawings, and without even visiting the property/properties we can produce a Bill of Quantities and measure, i.e. ( SQ Area of Plaster, Paint, Floors, Brickwork, Length of Skirtings’ and so forth ) which will allow you to obtain accurate prices ( or we can obtain them ) to have works undertaken in the Property you are converting to sell, or even keep. If drawings are not available I we can visit the Property and undertake a measure.

  • Schedule of Works Production

    Send across some existing, and proposed Plans for the Property, and alongside the previous point a schedule of works can produced so you can see clearly exactly what works need to be done to get you from A to B. You then know yourself what needs doing, so tradesmen are not doing works just for the sake of being able to charge for the additional finances. If plans aren’t available we can visit the property.

  • Cost Management/Procurement

    So, having undertaken the previous two points, costs/prices are now required. We know the quantity of each element of work, and what exactly is required. With the quantities, the drawings, and the schedule we are able to collect prices from tradesmen/builders, analyse them, ensure they have priced for the correct amount of works and advise on the most beneficial Option for each trade based on price and quality and assist in appointing the builder/trademan. By collecting these, we can also build you a budget for the works or outline cost plan.

Other than the above, there is much more that can be done!

So here’s a working example;

You the investor wants to convert a house into a 5 Bed HMO, a builder comes back and says it’s going to Cost you XXXXX, or £10k per Pod ( Room ). The question we would ask is can we have a breakdown, you want to know what you are paying for, because let’s be honest lack of transparency in my eyes, is you may be getting taken advantage of.

What we would do is the following;

1 – By undertaking the above steps, we can provide you an accurate Cost to use as a budget. So if your budget is xxx and the builder is yyy, you can question why with some confidence for justification. to be able to back the queries.

2 – By undertaking the above, we can pass you onto each individual trade I have prices from by undertaking the above, then we can appoint each trade to undertake the works at fixed agreed costs we’ve obtained you.

In Summary, you know what you are paying for, you are not being taken advantage of, and you have marked up drawings with measurements, Quants, and a schedule to have on file to monitor the build.

I can take on projects on a varying scale and sizes.

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