Sub Contractor

Commercial solutions, benefits and support for sub contractors

Similarly, as well as the Main Contractor it is crucial that all levels of the Supply Chain are catered for from the small subcontractor, to a very large subcontract business. Please see below the main services.

The Services that I am able to offer in this ever Competitive Sub Contract market is;

  • Take offs
  • Bill of Quantity Production / Tender Pricing
  • Subcontract and Materials Procurement ( If you sub out work as a subcontractor )
  • Subcontract Management and Administration ( If you sub out work )
  • Contract Appraisal/Review offering advice on how to gain the maximum Commercial benefit from a form of Contract before work commences.
  • Agreement of Subcontract Valuations and Final Accounts, substantiated with Take Offs and as built drawings.
  • Re measurement, on and offsite and Valuations ( from Contract Drawings, or site visit(s))
  • Preparation of Interim Valuations, Submission, and Monitoring of Valuations through to Payment Collection.
  • Valuation of Variations and quotations for additional work(s)
  • Issuing formal notifications, Early Warnings, Notices
  • Cost Management, forecasting, reconciling and reporting
  • Spend Profiling
  • Programme Monitoring, identifying delays and any entitlement to time
  • Value Engineering
  • Auditing Final Accounts and payments received for Contract and Law Compliance
  • Commercial/Contract Management of Live Projects
  • Preparation and Submission of Claims
  • Final Account Preparation, Negotiation, and Agreement

As the freelance services can be booked on an adhoc basis which allows a Cost efficient service for any client and you are not paying a bill for a QS on a quiet day, we maximise our time with you to offset the money you pay.

Feel free to contact me for an over the phone consultation or use the contact form below.